Per CBS Local:

Mole Poblano
1144 S 9th St
Philadelphia, PA 19195
(215) 465-1616

It sounds strange: a Mexican place in Philly’s Italian Market. But Mole Poblano’s friendly atmosphere and family vibe help it fit right in. Since the sandwiches you can get in the Market are all huge, it’s only fitting that Mole Poblano’s tortas are gigantic as well. The Milanesa de Pollo ($6) is thin and crispy breaded chicken accompanied by all the usual torta toppers: sauce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, peppers and mayo. You’re going to need two hands (and a boat load of napkins) for this one. Another favorite at Mole Poblano is its weekend goat barbecue, which has the locals lining up well in advance. Try a taco filled with the succulent, tender meat and you’ll be hooked, too. Mole Poblano recently changed its name from Acapulco (due to confusion from a similarly-named restaurant).



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